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Acanthophora muscoides
Acanthophora spicifera
Amansia multifida
Bostrychia calliptera
Bostrychia leptoclada
Bostrychia montagnei
Bostrychia moritziana
Bostrychia pectinata
Bostrychia radicans
Bostrychia tenella
Bryothamnion seaforthii
Bryothamnion triquetrum
Chondria platyclada
Digenea simplex
Herposiphonia secunda
Laurencia brongniartii
Laurencia microcladia
Laurencia obtusa
Neosiphonia tongatensis
Osmundea sinicola
Osmundea splendens
Palisada perforata
Polysiphonia bifurcata
Polysiphonia homoia
Polysiphonia howei
Polysiphonia lobophoralis
Polysiphonia nuda
Polysiphonia pseudovillum
Wilsonosiphonia howei
Yuzurua poiteaui
Yuzurua poiteaui var. gemmifera