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Walterianella humeralis
Waltheria glomerata
Waltheria indica
Warczewiczella caloglossa
Warczewiczella discolor
Warczewiczella lipscombiae
Warrea costaricensis
Warreopsis parviflora
Warszewiczia coccinea
Warszewiczia uxpanapensis subsp. meridionalis
Watsonamra alfaroana
Watsonamra brachyotis
Watsonamra donnell-smithii
Watsonamra gymnopoda
Watsonamra pittieri
Watsonamra pubescens
Watsonidia reimona
Weberocereus panamensis
Wedelia calycina
Wedelia inconstans
Wedelia iners
Wedelia trilobata
Weigeltia panamensis
Weinmannia anisophylla
Weinmannia balbisiana
Weinmannia burserifolia
Weinmannia fagaroides
Weinmannia glabra
Weinmannia laurina
Weinmannia pinnata
Weinmannia pinnata var. caripensis
Weinmannia pseudolaurina
Weinmannia wercklei
Welfia georgii
Welfia regia
Werauhia capitata
Werauhia gladioliflora
Werauhia graminifolia
Werauhia hygrometrica
Werauhia insignis
Werauhia kupperiana
Werauhia laxa
Werauhia leucophylla
Werauhia millennia
Werauhia ororiensis
Werauhia pedicellata
Werauhia picta
Werauhia pittieri
Werauhia sanguinolenta
Werauhia stenophylla
Werauhia subsecunda
Werauhia umbrosa
Werauhia williamsii
Wercklea cocleana
Wercklea ferox
Wercklea grandiflora
Wercklea insignis
Wercklea lutea
Wercklea woodsonii
Werckleocereus tonduzii
Werneria nubigena
Westoniella lanuginosa
Wettinia aequalis
Wettinia equalis
Wettinia hirsuta
Wettinia panamensis
Wettinia quinaria
Wettinia radiata
Wigandia urens
Willardia schiedeana
Williamodendron glaucophyllum
Wilsonia canadensis
Wilsonia citrina
Wilsonia pusilla
Wilsonosiphonia howei
Wimmeria sternii
Wissadula excelsior
Witheringia asterotricha
Witheringia bristaniana
Witheringia coccoloboides
Witheringia correana
Witheringia cuneata
Witheringia hunzikeri
Witheringia macrantha
Witheringia maculata
Witheringia meiantha
Witheringia mortonii
Witheringia riparia
Witheringia solanacea
Wittia panamensis
Wittmackanthus stanleyanus
Wrangelia argus
Wrangelia bicuspidata
Wulffia baccata
Wurdemannia miniata