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Chrysobalanus icaco
Couepia janzenii
Couepia osaensis
Couepia panamensis
Couepia polyandra
Couepia scottmorii
Hirtella americana
Hirtella crusa
Hirtella latifolia
Hirtella lemsii
Hirtella papillata
Hirtella racemosa
Hirtella racemosa var. hexandra
Hirtella racemosa var. racemosa
Hirtella triandra
Hirtella triandra subsp. triandra
Hirtella trichotoma
Hirtella tubiflora
Licania affinis
Licania arborea
Licania belloi
Licania chiriquiensis
Licania costaricensis
Licania fasciculata
Licania glabriflora
Licania hypoleuca
Licania jefensis
Licania kallunkiae
Licania kallunkii
Licania longistyla
Licania morii
Licania operculipetala
Licania platypus
Licania riverae
Licania seleriana
Licania sparsipilis
Licania stevensii
Maranthes panamensis
Parinari chocoensis
Parinari parvifolia