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Begonia allenii
Begonia alnifolia
Begonia brevicyma
Begonia buseyi
Begonia campanensis
Begonia carletonii
Begonia carpinifolia
Begonia caudilimba
Begonia chepoensis
Begonia chiriquensis
Begonia chiriquina
Begonia cilibracteola
Begonia conchifolia
Begonia convallariodora
Begonia cooperi
Begonia corredorana
Begonia croatii
Begonia cuspidata
Begonia davidsoniae
Begonia dressleri
Begonia estrellensis
Begonia filipes
Begonia fischeri
Begonia flexuosa
Begonia garagarana
Begonia glabra
Begonia guaduensis
Begonia guyanensis var. glaberrima
Begonia heracleifolia
Begonia heydei
Begonia hirsuta
Begonia involucrata
Begonia leptopoda
Begonia lignescens
Begonia mameiana
Begonia morii
Begonia mucronistipula
Begonia multinervia
Begonia nelumbiifolia
Begonia oaxacana
Begonia parviflora
Begonia plebeja
Begonia plebeja var. kennedyi
Begonia pubipedicella
Begonia pumilio
Begonia quaternata
Begonia seemanniana
Begonia semiovata
Begonia sericoneura
Begonia serratifolia
Begonia strigillosa
Begonia tiliifolia
Begonia tonduzii
Begonia turrialbae
Begonia udisilvestris
Begonia urophylla
Begonia urticae
Begonia uvana
Begonia vestita
Begonia villipetiola