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Chlorospingus canigularis
Chlorospingus flavigularis
Chlorospingus flavopectus
Chlorospingus inornatus
Chlorospingus ophthalmicus
Chlorospingus pileatus
Chlorospingus tacarcunae
Conirostrum leucogenys
Habia atrimaxillaris
Habia fuscicauda
Habia rubica
Oryzoborus angolensis
Oryzoborus funereus
Tangara dowii
Tangara florida
Tangara guttata
Tangara gyrola
Tangara icterocephala
Tangara inornata
Tangara larvata
Tangara lavinia
Tersina viridis
Thraupis abbas
Thraupis episcopus
Thraupis palmarum