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Ctenitis ampla
Ctenitis chiriquiana
Ctenitis excelsa
Ctenitis hemsleyana
Ctenitis melanosticta
Ctenitis microchlaena
Ctenitis nigrovenia
Ctenitis refulgens
Ctenitis sloanei
Cyclopeltis semicordata
Dictyoxiphium panamense
Lastreopsis effusa
Lastreopsis effusa var. divergens
Lastreopsis exculta
Lastreopsis killipii
Megalastrum acrosorum
Megalastrum apicale
Megalastrum atrogriseum
Megalastrum biseriale
Megalastrum costipubens
Megalastrum dentatum
Megalastrum dorsoglabrum
Megalastrum galeottii
Megalastrum glabrum
Megalastrum longiglandulosum
Megalastrum longipilosum
Megalastrum lunense
Megalastrum macrotheca
Megalastrum palmense
Megalastrum pulverulentum
Megalastrum squamosum
Tectaria acerifolia
Tectaria acutiloba
Tectaria andina
Tectaria antioquoiana
Tectaria athyrioides
Tectaria brauniana
Tectaria darienensis
Tectaria draconoptera
Tectaria dressleri
Tectaria euryloba
Tectaria faberiana
Tectaria heracleifolia
Tectaria incisa
Tectaria incisa f. vivipara
Tectaria incisa var. pilosa
Tectaria lizarzaburui
Tectaria longipinnata
Tectaria mexicana
Tectaria nicaraguensis
Tectaria nicotianifolia
Tectaria panamensis
Tectaria pilosa
Tectaria plantaginea
Tectaria rheosora
Tectaria rivalis
Tectaria subebenea
Tectaria trifoliata
Triplophyllum chocoense