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Anteos clorinde
Anteos maerula
Anteos menippe
Aphrissa boisduvalii
Aphrissa statira
Battus lycidas
Battus polydamas
Dismorphia amphione
Dismorphia theucharila
Dismorphia zathoe
Eurema agave
Eurema albula
Eurema daira
Eurema dina
Eurema elathea
Eurema mexicana
Eurema nise
Eurema salome
Eurytides philolaus
Heraclides anchisiades
Heraclides cresphontes
Heraclides thoas
Mimoides ilus
Papilio anchisiades
Papilio androgeus
Papilio astyalus
Papilio polyxenes
Papilio thoas
Papilio torquatus
Parides arcas
Parides erithalion
Parides montezuma
Parides panares
Parides photinus
Phoebis argante
Phoebis philea
Phoebis sennae
Pyrisitia nise