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Epilobium denticulatum
Fuchsia hemsleyana
Fuchsia jimenezii
Fuchsia microphylla
Fuchsia microphylla subsp. hemsleyana
Fuchsia microphylla subsp. microphylla
Fuchsia paniculata
Fuchsia paniculata subsp. paniculata
Fuchsia splendens
Hauya lucida
Lopezia hirsuta
Lopezia miniata subsp. paniculata
Ludwigia affinis
Ludwigia decurrens
Ludwigia dodecandra
Ludwigia erecta
Ludwigia foliobracteolata
Ludwigia helminthorrhiza
Ludwigia hyssopifolia
Ludwigia inclinata
Ludwigia latifolia
Ludwigia leptocarpa
Ludwigia nervosa
Ludwigia octovalvis
Ludwigia octovalvis subsp. octovalvis
Ludwigia peruviana
Ludwigia rigida
Ludwigia sedoides
Ludwigia torulosa
Ludwigia verticillata