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Anarchias galapagensis
Echidna catenata
Echidna nebulosa
Echidna nocturna
Enchelycore carychroa
Enchelycore lichenosa
Enchelycore nigricans
Enchelycore octaviana
Enchelynassa canina
Gymnomuraena zebra
Gymnothorax buroensis
Gymnothorax castaneus
Gymnothorax dovii
Gymnothorax equatorialis
Gymnothorax eurygnathos
Gymnothorax flavimarginatus
Gymnothorax funebris
Gymnothorax javanicus
Gymnothorax meleagris
Gymnothorax miliaris
Gymnothorax mordax
Gymnothorax moringa
Gymnothorax nigromarginatus
Gymnothorax ocellatus
Gymnothorax panamensis
Gymnothorax phalarus
Gymnothorax pictus
Gymnothorax porphyreus
Gymnothorax serratidens
Gymnothorax undulatus
Gymnothorax vicinus
Muraena clepsydra
Muraena lentiginosa
Scuticaria tigrina
Uropterygius macrocephalus
Uropterygius macularius
Uropterygius supraforatus
Uropterygius versutus