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Amazonia corozalensis
Appendiculella calophylli
Irene calostroma
Irene larviformis
Irene papillifera
Irene sororcula
Irene tonkinensis
Irenina anguriae
Irenina colubrinae
Irenina costi
Irenina exilis
Irenina hyptidicola
Irenina isertiae
Irenina lagunculariae
Irenina manca
Irenina melastomacearum
Irenina obscura
Irenopsis bignoniacearum
Irenopsis conostegiae
Irenopsis coronata var. triumfettae
Irenopsis costaricensis
Irenopsis crotonis
Irenopsis tortuosa
Irenopsis toruloidea
Meliola alibertiae
Meliola ambigua
Meliola amphigena
Meliola andirae
Meliola angustispora
Meliola annonae
Meliola aristolochiicola
Meliola banarae
Meliola bicornis
Meliola bignoniacearum
Meliola burseracearum
Meliola byrsonimae
Meliola calatheae
Meliola calatheicola
Meliola calopogonii
Meliola cestricola
Meliola chagres
Meliola clavulata
Meliola columneae
Meliola conica
Meliola connari
Meliola crenatissima
Meliola cristata
Meliola crotonicola
Meliola diphysae
Meliola duggenae
Meliola duggenae var. panamensis
Meliola elaeis
Meliola falcatiseta var. alternipes
Meliola heliconiae
Meliola hispida
Meliola irregularis
Meliola lisianthi
Meliola lonchocarpicola
Meliola longistipitata
Meliola macropoda
Meliola maesae
Meliola magna
Meliola malacotricha
Meliola mandevillae
Meliola mangiferae
Meliola marantacearum
Meliola mataybae
Meliola melanococcae
Meliola merrillii
Meliola microspora
Meliola morrowii
Meliola musae
Meliola mussaendae
Meliola myrsinacearum
Meliola niessliana
Meliola ouroupariae
Meliola palmicola
Meliola panamensis
Meliola panici
Meliola paulliniae
Meliola peruviana
Meliola pilocarpi
Meliola protii
Meliola psychotriae
Meliola pteridicola
Meliola rizalensis
Meliola sapindi
Meliola serjaniae
Meliola shropshiriana
Meliola solani
Meliola strychnicola
Meliola styracearum
Meliola tabernaemontanae
Meliola tounateae
Meliola uncitricha
Meliola usteriana
Meliola variaseta
Meliola vicina
Meliola wardii
Meliola xylopiae
Meliola xylosmae
Meliola zetekii