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Armillaria puiggarii
Chaetocalathus asperifolius
Chaetocalathus eurysporus
Chaetocalathus liliputianus
Crinipellis insignis
Favolaschia dealbata
Favolaschia teapae
Favolaschia varariotecta
Gerronema bryogeton
Gymnopus dryophilus
Gymnopus neotropicus
Gymnopus omphalodes
Lentinula aciculospora
Lentinula boryana
Marasmiellus catephes
Marasmiellus troyanus
Marasmius ater
Marasmius atrorubens
Marasmius cladophyllus
Marasmius cohaerens
Marasmius ferrugineus
Marasmius haematocephalus
Marasmius hylaeicola
Marasmius polycladoides
Marasmius pseudominutus
Marasmius silvicola
Megacollybia platyphylla
Nothopanus eugrammus
Physalacria aggregata
Rhodocollybia dotae
Rhodocollybia lignitilis
Rhodocollybia pandipes
Rhodocollybia turpis
Trogia cantharelloides
Trogia icterina
Trogia papyracea