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Adelphia hiraea
Banisteriopsis cornifolia
Banisteriopsis elegans
Banisteriopsis muricata
Banisteriopsis nutans
Banisteriopsis scalariformis
Banisteriopsis wilburii
Banisteriopsis wurdackii
Bronwenia acapulcensis
Bronwenia wurdackii
Bunchosia brevisurcularis
Bunchosia cornifolia
Bunchosia costaricensis
Bunchosia dwyeri
Bunchosia gracilis
Bunchosia grayumii
Bunchosia macrophylla
Bunchosia mesoamericana
Bunchosia nitida
Bunchosia odorata
Bunchosia pilosa
Bunchosia stipulacea
Bunchosia ternata
Bunchosia ursana
Bunchosia veluticarpa
Byrsonima crassifolia
Byrsonima crispa
Byrsonima dressleri
Byrsonima fendleri
Byrsonima garcibarrigae
Byrsonima herrerae
Byrsonima panamensis
Byrsonima spicata
Carolus sinemariensis
Christianella mesoamericana
Heteropterys brachiata
Heteropterys buricana
Heteropterys laurifolia
Heteropterys laurifolia var. brevibracteolata
Heteropterys laurifolia var. laurifolia
Heteropterys leona
Heteropterys macrostachya
Heteropterys multiflora
Heteropterys obovata
Heteropterys panamensis
Hiraea faginea
Hiraea fosteri
Hiraea grandifolia
Hiraea grandifolia var. parvifructa
Hiraea guapecita
Hiraea haberi
Hiraea quapara
Hiraea reclinata
Hiraea smilacina
Jubelina wilburii
Lophanthera hammelii
Malpighia albiflora
Malpighia glabra
Malpighia romeroana
Mascagnia divaricata
Mascagnia dukei
Mascagnia hippocrateoides
Mascagnia hiraea
Mascagnia nervosa
Mascagnia ovatifolia
Niedenzuella stannea
Pterandra isthmica
Pterandra mcphersonii
Spachea correae
Spachea membranacea
Spachea sericea
Stigmaphyllon columbicum
Stigmaphyllon ellipticum
Stigmaphyllon hypargyreum
Stigmaphyllon lindenianum
Stigmaphyllon panamense
Stigmaphyllon puber
Stigmaphyllon puberum
Tetrapterys crispa
Tetrapterys discolor
Tetrapterys goudotiana
Tetrapterys hirsutula
Tetrapterys macrocarpa
Tetrapterys monteverdensis
Tetrapterys reticulata
Tetrapterys seemannii
Tetrapterys skutchii
Tetrapterys tinifolia
Tetrapterys tysonii