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Huperzia acerosa
Huperzia attenuata
Huperzia brachiata
Huperzia bradeorum
Huperzia callitrichifolia
Huperzia capillaris
Huperzia chamaeleon
Huperzia crassa
Huperzia cuneifolia
Huperzia curvifolia
Huperzia dichaeoides
Huperzia dichotoma
Huperzia eversa
Huperzia filiformis
Huperzia foliacea
Huperzia funiformis
Huperzia hippuridea
Huperzia homocarpa
Huperzia lancifolia
Huperzia linifolia
Huperzia mesoamericana
Huperzia mollicoma
Huperzia pittieri
Huperzia polycarpos
Huperzia reflexa
Huperzia reflexa var. minor
Huperzia reflexa var. reflexa
Huperzia saururus
Huperzia subulata
Huperzia talamancana
Huperzia taxifolia
Huperzia tenuis
Huperzia tubulosa
Huperzia underwoodiana
Huperzia venezuelanica
Huperzia verticillata
Huperzia watsoniana
Huperzia wilsonii
Lycopodiella cernua
Lycopodiella glaucescens
Lycopodiella pendulina
Lycopodiella riofrioi
Lycopodiella steyermarkii
Lycopodium aqualupianum
Lycopodium brachiatum
Lycopodium bradeorum
Lycopodium capillare
Lycopodium cernuum
Lycopodium chamaeleon
Lycopodium chiricanum
Lycopodium clavatum
Lycopodium clavatum subsp. clavatum
Lycopodium clavatum subsp. contiguum
Lycopodium clavatum var. aristatum
Lycopodium contiguum
Lycopodium crassum
Lycopodium cuneifolium
Lycopodium dichaeoides
Lycopodium dichotomum
Lycopodium foliaceum
Lycopodium funiforme
Lycopodium hartwegianum
Lycopodium hippurideum
Lycopodium hoffmannii
Lycopodium jussiaei
Lycopodium lancifolium
Lycopodium linifolium
Lycopodium mandiocanum
Lycopodium mollicomum
Lycopodium myrsinites
Lycopodium pendulinum
Lycopodium pensum
Lycopodium pittieri
Lycopodium reflexum
Lycopodium regnellii
Lycopodium stamineum
Lycopodium taxifolium
Lycopodium thyoides
Lycopodium tortile
Lycopodium tubulosum
Lycopodium tuerckheimii
Lycopodium underwoodianum
Lycopodium watsonianum
Lycopodium wilsonii
Palhinhaea cernua
Palhinhaea divaricata
Phlegmariurus hippurideus
Phlegmariurus talamancanus