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Amphiroa annulata
Amphiroa beauvoisii
Amphiroa brasiliana
Amphiroa crosslandii
Amphiroa dimorpha
Amphiroa foliacea
Amphiroa fragilissima
Amphiroa franciscana
Amphiroa hancockii
Amphiroa magdalenensis
Amphiroa misakiensis
Amphiroa rigida
Amphiroa rigida var. antillana
Amphiroa subcylindrica
Amphiroa tribulus
Amphiroa valonioides
Goniolithon decutescens
Lithophyllum alternans
Lithophyllum brachiatum
Lithophyllum divaricatum
Lithophyllum imitans
Lithophyllum kotchianum
Lithophyllum neocongestum
Lithophyllum pallescens
Lithothamnium indicum
Titanoderma pustulatum