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Anous minutus
Anous stolidus
Chlidonias niger
Chroicocephalus philadelphia
Creagrus furcatus
Gygis alba
Hydroprogne caspia
Larosterna inca
Larus argentatus
Larus atricilla
Larus belcheri
Larus cirrocephalus
Larus delawarensis
Larus dominicanus
Larus fuscus
Larus marinus
Larus philadelphia
Leucophaeus atricilla
Leucophaeus modestus
Leucophaeus pipixcan
Phaetusa simplex
Rissa tridactyla
Rynchops niger
Sterna anaethetus
Sterna caspia
Sterna forsteri
Sterna fuscata
Sterna hirundo
Sterna maxima
Sterna nilotica
Sterna paradisaea
Sternula antillarum
Sternula superciliaris
Thalasseus elegans
Thalasseus maximus
Thalasseus sandvicensis
Xema sabini