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Coleus blumei
Hyptis brachiata
Hyptis brevipes
Hyptis capitata
Hyptis dilatata
Hyptis lantanifolia
Hyptis mutabilis
Hyptis pectinata
Hyptis sinuata
Hyptis suaveolens
Hyptis verticillata
Hyptis vilis
Marsypianthes chamaedrys
Mentha citrata
Mentha piperita var. citrata
Mentha spicata
Mesosphaerum urticoides
Ocimum basilicum
Plectranthus scutellarioides
Prunella vulgaris
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rotheca myricoides
Salvia albopileata
Salvia alvajaca
Salvia angulata
Salvia carnea
Salvia compacta
Salvia drymocharis
Salvia fratrum
Salvia hyptoides
Salvia inaequilatera
Salvia iodochroa
Salvia longimarginata
Salvia menthiformis
Salvia occidentalis
Salvia polystachia
Salvia polystachya
Salvia psilophylla
Salvia pteroura
Salvia trichopes
Salvia wagneriana
Scutellaria costaricana
Scutellaria glabra
Scutellaria isocheila
Scutellaria lewisiana
Scutellaria maxonii
Scutellaria multiramosa
Scutellaria oblongifolia
Scutellaria talamancana
Scutellaria tenuipetiolata
Scutellaria tutensis
Stachys costaricensis
Stachys darcyana