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Anabacerthia variegaticeps
Automolus ochrolaemus
Automolus rubiginosus
Ceraspis centralis
Cranioleuca erythrops
Cranioleuca vulpina
Cranioleuca vulpina dissita
Dendroplex picus
Hyloctistes subulatus
Isonychus pictus
Lochmias nematura
Margarornis rubiginosus
Philydor fuscipenne
Philydor rufum
Phyllophaga bowditchi
Premnoplex brunnescens
Pseudocolaptes lawrencii
Sclerurus albigularis
Sclerurus guatemalensis
Sclerurus mexicanus
Synallaxis albescens
Synallaxis brachyura
Syndactyla subalaris
Thripadectes rufobrunneus
Xenops minutus
Xenops rutilans