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Anthopteropsis insignis
Anthopterus costaricensis
Anthopterus revolutus
Anthopterus wardii
Arctostaphylos arbutoides
Bejaria aestuans
Cavendishia aberrans
Cavendishia albopicata
Cavendishia allenii
Cavendishia arizonensis
Cavendishia atroviolacea
Cavendishia atroviolacea var. atroviolacea
Cavendishia atroviolacea var. folsomii
Cavendishia aurantiaca
Cavendishia axillaris
Cavendishia bracteata
Cavendishia callista
Cavendishia calycina
Cavendishia capitulata
Cavendishia chiriquiensis
Cavendishia chiriquiensis var. bullata
Cavendishia chiriquiensis var. chiriquiensis
Cavendishia ciliata
Cavendishia complectens
Cavendishia complectens subsp. complectens
Cavendishia complectens var. complectens
Cavendishia confertiflora
Cavendishia copeensis
Cavendishia costaricensis
Cavendishia crassifolia
Cavendishia darienensis
Cavendishia davidsei
Cavendishia endresii
Cavendishia fortunensis
Cavendishia fusiformis
Cavendishia gaultherioides
Cavendishia gentryi
Cavendishia glutinosa
Cavendishia gomezii
Cavendishia graebneriana
Cavendishia herrerae
Cavendishia hoffmannii
Cavendishia lactiviscida
Cavendishia laurifolia
Cavendishia limonensis
Cavendishia linearifolia
Cavendishia longiflora
Cavendishia luteynii
Cavendishia megabracteata
Cavendishia megabracteata var. attenuata
Cavendishia megabracteata var. megabracteata
Cavendishia melastomoides
Cavendishia melastomoides var. albiflora
Cavendishia melastomoides var. coloradensis
Cavendishia melastomoides var. melastomoides
Cavendishia morii
Cavendishia osaensis
Cavendishia panamensis
Cavendishia pseudostenophylla
Cavendishia pubescens
Cavendishia quercina
Cavendishia quereme
Cavendishia revoluta
Cavendishia santafeensis
Cavendishia skutchii
Cavendishia smithii
Cavendishia splachnoides
Cavendishia stenophylla
Cavendishia subfasciculata
Cavendishia talamancensis
Cavendishia tenella
Cavendishia wercklei
Comarostaphylis arbutoides
Comarostaphylis arbutoides subsp. arbutoides
Comarostaphylis arbutoides subsp. costaricensis
Comarostaphylis chiriquensis
Didonica crassiflora
Didonica panamensis
Didonica pendula
Didonica subsessilis
Disterigma agathosmoides
Disterigma alaternoides
Disterigma hammelii
Disterigma humboldtii
Disterigma luteynii
Disterigma panamense
Disterigma trimerum
Disterigma utleyorum
Gaultheria chiriquensis
Gaultheria erecta
Gaultheria glandulifera
Gaultheria gracilis
Gaultheria odorata var. costaricensis
Gaultheria poasana
Gaultheria setosa
Gonocalyx almedae
Gonocalyx amplexicaulis
Gonocalyx costaricensis
Gonocalyx megabracteolatus
Gonocalyx pterocarpus
Hornemannia floccosa
Lateropora ovata
Lateropora tubulifera
Lysiclesia panamensis
Macleania epiphytica
Macleania insignis
Macleania megabracteolata
Macleania ovata
Macleania racemosa
Macleania robusta
Macleania rupestris
Macleania smithiana
Macleania subracemosa
Macleania talamancensis
Macleania turrialbana
Monotropa uniflora
Orthaea panamensis
Pernettya coriacea
Pernettya prostrata
Pernettya setigera
Proclesia veraguensis
Psammisia costaricensis
Psammisia darienensis
Psammisia dolichopoda
Psammisia ferruginea
Psammisia glabra
Psammisia panamensis
Psammisia ramiflora
Psammisia symphystemona
Psammisia ulbrichiana
Psammisia williamsii
Satyria allenii
Satyria meiantha
Satyria panurensis
Satyria triloba
Satyria ventricosa
Satyria warszewiczii
Socratesia melastomoides
Sophoclesia cordifolia var. oophylla
Sphyrospermum buxifolium
Sphyrospermum cordifolium
Sphyrospermum dissimile
Sphyrospermum linearifolium
Sphyrospermum tuberculatum
Themistoclesia costaricensis
Themistoclesia cuatrecasasii
Themistoclesia horquetensis
Themistoclesia pentandra
Themistoclesia smithiana
Thibaudia costaricensis
Utleya costaricensis
Vaccinium almedae
Vaccinium bocatorense
Vaccinium campanense
Vaccinium consanguineum
Vaccinium costaricense
Vaccinium dissimile
Vaccinium floccosum
Vaccinium floribundum
Vaccinium furfuraceum
Vaccinium jefense
Vaccinium luteynii
Vaccinium monteverdense
Vaccinium orosiense
Vaccinium pachycardium
Vaccinium poasanum
Vaccinium santafeense
Vaccinium smithianum
Vaccinium talamancense
Vaccinium valerii