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Colostethus chocoensis
Colostethus flotator
Colostethus inguinalis
Colostethus latinasus
Colostethus panamansis
Colostethus panamensis
Colostethus pratti
Colostethus talamancae
Dendrobates arboreus
Dendrobates auratus
Dendrobates granuliferus
Dendrobates minutus
Dendrobates pumilio
Dendrobates speciosus
Dendrobates vicentei
Hyloxalus chocoensis
Oophaga arborea
Oophaga granulifera
Oophaga pumilio
Oophaga speciosa
Oophaga vicentei
Phyllobates bicolor
Phyllobates lugubris
Phyllobates vittatus
Ranitomeya claudiae
Ranitomeya fulgurita
Ranitomeya minuta
Silverstoneia flotator
Silverstoneia nubicola