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Acanthocephala bicoloripes
Acanthocephala latipes
Anisoscelis affinis
Anisoscelis alipes
Anisoscelis gradadius
Chariesterus cuspidatus
Diactor bilineatus
Hypselonotus interruptus
Hypselonotus linea
Hypselonotus lineatus
Leptoglossus concolor
Leptoglossus gonagra
Leptoglossus zonatus
Leptoscelis quadrisignata
Leptoscelis quadrisignatus
Leptoscelis tricolor
Madura longicornis
Pachylis laticornis
Paryphes flavocinctus
Pharypes flavocinctus
Piezogaster odiosus
Spartocera fusca