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Calophyllum brasiliense
Calophyllum inophyllum
Calophyllum longifolium
Calophyllum nubicola
Chrysochlamys allenii
Chrysochlamys angustifolia
Chrysochlamys eclipes
Chrysochlamys glauca
Chrysochlamys grandifolia
Chrysochlamys membrillensis
Chrysochlamys nicaraguensis
Chrysochlamys psychotriifolia
Chrysochlamys silvicola
Chrysochlamys standleyana
Chrysochlamys tenuifolia
Clusia alata
Clusia amazonica
Clusia coclensis
Clusia congestiflora
Clusia cooperi
Clusia cretosa
Clusia croatii
Clusia cupulata
Clusia cylindrica
Clusia divaricata
Clusia dukei
Clusia erectistigma
Clusia flava
Clusia flavida
Clusia fructiangusta
Clusia gracilis
Clusia liesneri
Clusia longipetiolata
Clusia loranthacea
Clusia minor
Clusia multiflora
Clusia oblanceolata
Clusia odorata
Clusia oedematopoidea
Clusia osseocarpa
Clusia palmana
Clusia palmicida
Clusia peninsulae
Clusia perscariosa
Clusia pithecobia
Clusia pratensis
Clusia quadrangula
Clusia rosea
Clusia rotundata
Clusia salvinii var. cupulata
Clusia stenophylla
Clusia torresii
Clusia triflora
Clusia uvitana
Clusia valerii
Clusia valerioi
Clusiella isthmensis
Dystovomita paniculata
Garcinia intermedia
Garcinia madruno
Garcinia magnifolia
Garcinia mangostana
Garcinia pictoria
Havetiopsis flexilis
Mammea americana
Mammea immansueta
Marila domingensis
Marila jefensis
Marila lactogena
Marila laxiflora
Marila macrophylla
Marila pluricostata
Quapoya sipapoana
Rheedia acuminata
Rheedia edulis
Rheedia madruno
Rheedia tonduziana
Symphonia globulifera
Symphonia globulifera var. angustifolia
Tovomita caputmonsia
Tovomita croatii
Tovomita divesora
Tovomita gracilis
Tovomita grandifolia
Tovomita longifolia
Tovomita macrophylla
Tovomita membranifolia
Tovomita morii
Tovomita nicaraguensis
Tovomita panamaea
Tovomita pittieri
Tovomita stylosa
Tovomita weddelliana
Tovomitopsis allenii
Tovomitopsis angustifolia
Tovomitopsis centistaminibus
Tovomitopsis faucis
Tovomitopsis glauca
Tovomitopsis multiflora
Tovomitopsis nicaraguensis
Tovomitopsis silvicola