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Acanthemblemaria aspera
Acanthemblemaria atrata
Acanthemblemaria balanorum
Acanthemblemaria castroi
Acanthemblemaria crockeri
Acanthemblemaria exilispinus
Acanthemblemaria greenfieldi
Acanthemblemaria hancocki
Acanthemblemaria macrospilus
Acanthemblemaria mangognatha
Acanthemblemaria maria
Acanthemblemaria rivasi
Acanthemblemaria spinosa
Acanthemblemaria stephensi
Chaenopsis alepidota
Chaenopsis deltarrhis
Chaenopsis limbaughi
Chaenopsis schmitti
Cirriemblemaria lucasana
Coralliozetus angelicus
Coralliozetus boehlkei
Coralliozetus cardonae
Coralliozetus micropes
Coralliozetus rosenblatti
Coralliozetus springeri
Ekemblemaria myersi
Emblemaria hudsoni
Emblemaria hypacanthus
Emblemaria nivipes
Emblemaria pandionis
Emblemaria piratica
Emblemaria walkeri
Hemiemblemaria simulus
Lucayablennius zingaro
Mccoskerichthys sandae
Protemblemaria bicirrus
Protemblemaria perla
Stathmonotus culebrai
Stathmonotus gymnodermis
Stathmonotus lugubris
Stathmonotus sinuscalifornici
Tanyemblemaria alleni