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Bursera graveolens
Bursera howellii
Bursera inversa
Bursera panamensis
Bursera simaruba
Bursera standleyana
Bursera tomentosa
Dacryodes patrona
Dacryodes talamancensis
Elaphrium simaruba
Icica costaricensis
Icica glabra
Icica lucida
Icica sessiliflora
Protium aguilarii
Protium confusum
Protium correae
Protium costaricense
Protium glabrum
Protium guianense
Protium hammelii
Protium inconforme
Protium multiramiflorum
Protium neglectum
Protium panamense
Protium pecuniosum
Protium pittieri
Protium ravenii
Protium salvozae
Protium schippii
Protium sessiliflorum
Protium tenuifolium
Protium tenuifolium subsp. mcleodii
Protium tenuifolium subsp. sessiliflorum
Protium ternatum
Tetragastris panamensis
Tetragastris tomentosa
Trattinnickia aspera
Trattinnickia panamensis