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Achyranthes panamensis
Achyranthes stenophylla
Achyranthes williamsii
Alternanthera costaricensis
Alternanthera ficoidea
Alternanthera laguroides
Alternanthera paronychioides
Alternanthera sessilis
Amaranthus dubius
Blutaparon vermiculare
Celosia argentea
Chamissoa acuminata var. swansonii
Chamissoa altissima
Cyathula achyranthoides
Cyathula prostrata
Gomphrena decumbens
Gomphrena serrata
Iresine ajuscana
Iresine angustifolia
Iresine celosia
Iresine celosioides
Iresine diffusa
Pleuropetalum pleiogynum
Pleuropetalum sprucei
Pleuropetalum standleyi