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Taxa: Conostegia monteleagreana
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Missouri Botanical Garden - TROPICOS

317319William G. D'Arcy   159051984-07-31
Panama, Chiriquí, Fortuna Dam area, just N of reservoir, 8.75 -82.25, 1100 - 1400m

315512H.W. Churchill   53801984-06-14
Panama, Chiriquí, Fortuna Dam area. Around creek to W of road drawing into Río Hornito S of reservoir. Alt. 1200 m. 8º43'N, 82º14'W., 8.71666 -82.23333, 1200m

3398505Frank Almeda   6460

100594813Orlando Ortiz   7522012-07-10
Panama, Chiriquí, Reserva Forestal Fortuna. Primer puente despues de la Estación Bilogica del STRI. Sendero que va hacia la cordillera., 8.7338889 -82.2505556, 1307m

100213838Darin S. Penneys   1719a2005-02-02
Panama, Chiriquí, Near Lago de Fortuna. Km 43 from Chiriquí on road to Chiriquí Grande., 8.6828333 -82.2225, 1150m

1299630Barry E. Hammel   23301978-03-25
Panama, Chiriquí, La Fortuna hydroelectric project; trail along Hornito river drainage back to present end of road., 8.7166667 -82.2333333, 1025 - 1240m

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

219002Almeda Frank   74971996-02-05
Panamá, PANAMA, PANAMA, Chiriquí Province. Fortuna Dam area in the vicinity of Centro de Investigaciones Jorge Arauz. Disturbed cloud forest margins., 1200m

New York Botanical Garden

02137208R. Kriebel   57472011-09-21
Panama, Chiriquí, Comun al lado de la carretera cerca de la estacion de STRI., 8.73458 -82.24008, 1162 - 1162m

01119768D. S. Penneys   1719a
Panama, Chiriquí, Near Lago de Fortuna. Km 43 from Chiriquí on road to Chiriquí Grande., 8.68283 -82.20583, 1150 - 1150m

01119762F. Almeda   60751988-03-10
Panama, Bocas del Toro, Fortuna Dam Area, along continental divide trail bordering Chiriquí Province., 8.7511 -82.2511, 1200 - 1300m

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Herbarium

7665Correa A., M.D.   9837
Panamá, Chiriquí, Colectada en la Cordillera Central, trocha 3 noviembre.

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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