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Taxa: Centropogon smithii
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Field Museum of Natural History

R. L. Wilbur   193521975-01-06
Panama, Chiriquí, 8.5 -82.25

Missouri Botanical Garden - TROPICOS

553125Thomas B. Croat   748811993-03-28
Panama, Chiriquí, Vicinity of Las Nubes, Parque La Amistad; 3.5 mi W of Cerro Punta, 2 km inside park along old abandoned roads and trails and virgin forest above road., 8.88333 -82.58333, 800m

2413196Robert L. Wilbur   193521975-01-06
Panama, Chiriquí, Recently opened ravine west of Las Nubes which is about 5 km. northwest of Cerro Punta and towards Cerro Picacho., 8.8833333 -82.6, 2000 - 2100m

2414196Robert L. Wilbur   241981978-02-11
Panama, Chiriquí, Cut over cloud forest beyond Las Nubes about 6-8 km W of Cerro Punta.[His elevations are too low to be N/E of Las Nubes]., 8.9 -82.6, 1859 - 1951m

2415394Luis Diego Gómez P.   222881984-03-01
Panama, Bocas del Toro, SE slope of Cerro Echandi (between Jilguero & Danta Camps)., 9.0252778 -82.8072222, 2600 - 2800m

2417816Barry E. Hammel   73641979-05-23
Panama, Chiriquí, Chiriquí-Bocas del Toro border. Trail along continental divide NE of Boquete, above Palo Alto., 8.8166667 -82.4, 2164m

2417406Barry E. Hammel   14641978-02-11
Panama, Chiriquí, 7 km NW of Cerro Punta. Las Nubes region., 8.9 -82.6166667, 2195m

2416400Kenneth J. Sytsma   48661981-05-26
Panama, Chiriquí, Boquete, SE slopes and summit of Cerro Pate Macho; trail from Rio Palo Alto; 4 km NE of Boquete. Cloud forest and elfin forest, 8.81666 -82.38333, 1700 - 2100m

100895276Laura Lagomarsino   2812012-04-27
Panama, Chiriquí, Palo Alto. Camino hacia Pate Macho., 8.825 -82.3965333, 2011m

1254805Barry E. Hammel   60751979-02-09
Panama, Chiriquí, NE of Boquete, end of road past Palo Alto along trail to Bocas past Cerro Pate Macho., 8.81666 -82.4, 1981m

563165Gerrit Davidse   251041984-02-29
Panama, Bocas del Toro, Cordillera de Talamanca, 2 airline km NW of the peak of Cerro Echandi on the Costa Rican-Panamanian international border., 9.05 -82.8333333, 2850m

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

101871Gómez Luis Diego   222881984-03-01
Panamá, SE slopes of Cerro Echandi. Bocas del Toro-, 2600 - 2800m

105302Davidse Gerrit   251041984-02-29
Panamá, Bocas del Toro: Cordillera de Talamanca headwaters of the Río Culubre 6 airline km NW of the peak of Cerro Echandi on the Costa Rican - Panamanian international border. Mixed Quercus- Podocarpus cloud forest in narrow canyon., 9.05 -82.83, 2850m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1179935Hammel BE   1979-02-09
Panama, Province of Chiriqui, NE of Boquete, end of road past Palo Alto along trail to Bocas past Cerro Pate Macho.

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