Authors: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Citation: Based on augmented with occurrence record documentation
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Families: 16
Genera: 58
Species: 221
Total Taxa (details): 221
Allobates talamancae - Striped Rocket Frog
Atelopus certus - Toad Mountain Harlequin Frog
Atelopus chiriquiensis - Lewis' Stubfoot Toad
Atelopus glyphus - Pirri Range Stubfoot Toad
Atelopus limosus - Limosa Harlequin Frog
Atelopus varius - Veragoa Stubfoot Toad
Atelopus zeteki - Panamanian Golden Frog
Chaunus centralis - Common Lesser Toad
Crepidophryne epiotica - Cerro Utyum Toad
Incilius coccifer - Southern Roundgland Toad
Incilius fastidiosus - Pico Blanco Toad
Incilius melanochlorus - Wet Forest Toad
Incilius peripatetes - Almirante Trail Toad
Rhaebo haematiticus - Blackbelly Toad
Rhinella acrolopha - Cerro Mali Beaked Toad
Rhinella alata - Forest Toad
Rhinella granulosa - Common Lesser Toad
Caecilia leucocephala - White-headed Caecilian
Caecilia nigricans - Rio Lita Caecilian
Caecilia volcani - Cocle Caecilian
Dermophis parviceps - La Loma Caecilian
Gymnopis multiplicata - Varagua Caecilian
Oscaecilia elongata - Yavisa Caecilian
Oscaecilia ochrocephala - Yellow-headed Caecilian
Cochranella euknemos - San Jose Cochran Frog
Cochranella granulosa - Grainy Cochran Frog
Espadarana prosoblepon - Emerald Glass Frog
Hyalinobatrachium chirripoi - Suretka Glass Frog
Hyalinobatrachium colymbiphyllum - Plantation Glass Frog
Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni - Fleischmann's Glass Frog
Hyalinobatrachium valerioi - La Palma Glass Frog
Hyalinobatrachium vireovittatum - Starrett's Glass Frog
Sachatamia albomaculata - White-spotted Cochran Frog
Sachatamia ilex - Ghost Glass Frog
Teratohyla pulverata - Chiriqui Glass Frog
Teratohyla spinosa - Spiny Cochran Frog
Craugastor andi - Atlantic Robber Frog
Craugastor azueroensis - Azuero Robber Frog
Craugastor bransfordii - Bransfords Robber Frog
Craugastor crassidigitus - Isla Bonita Robber Frog
Craugastor emcelae - Rio Claro Robber Frog
Craugastor fitzingeri - Fitzingers Robber Frog
Craugastor gollmeri - Evergreen Robber Frog
Craugastor jota - Rio Changena Robber Frog
Craugastor longirostris - Longsnout Robber Frog
Craugastor melanostictus - Black-lined Robber Frog
Craugastor monnichorum - Dunns Robber Frog
Craugastor noblei - Nobles Leaf Litter Frog
Craugastor podiciferus - Cerro Utyum Robber Frog
Craugastor punctariolus - Bobs Robber Frog
Craugastor rugosus - Veragua Robber Frog
Craugastor stejnegerianus - Stejneger's Robber Frog
Craugastor talamancae - Almirante Robber Frog
Craugastor taurus - Golfito Robber Frog
Craugastor underwoodi - UnderwoodÂ’s Litter Frog
Ameerega maculata - Confusing Poison Frog
Colostethus latinasus - Truando Rocket Frog
Colostethus pratti - Pratt's Rocket Frog
Dendrobates auratus - Green and Black Poison Dart Frog
Dendrobates minutus - Minyobates Minutus
Dendrobates pumilio - Flaming Poison Frog
Hyloxalus chocoensis - Choco Rocket Frog
Oophaga arborea - Polkadot Poison Frog
Oophaga granulifera - Granulated Poison-dart Frog
Oophaga pumilio - Strawberry Poison-dart Frog
Oophaga speciosa - Splendid Poison-arrow Frog
Oophaga vicentei - Vicente's Poison Frog
Phyllobates lugubris - Lovely Poison Frog
Phyllobates vittatus - Golfodulcean Poison-arrow Frog
Ranitomeya fulgurita - Yellow-bellied Poison-arrow Frog
Ranitomeya minuta - Blue-bellied Poison-arrow Frog
Silverstoneia flotator - Rainforest Rocket Frog
Silverstoneia nubicola - Boquete Rocket Frog
Diasporus diastema - Caretta Robber Frog
Diasporus hylaeformis - Montane Dink Frog
Diasporus vocator - Agua Buena Robber Frog
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei - Johnstone's Whistling Frog
Gastrotheca cornuta - Horned Marsupial Frog
Gastrotheca nicefori - Niceforo's Marsupial Frog
Hemiphractus fasciatus - Banded Horned Treefrog
Agalychnis callidryas - Red-eyed Leaf Frog
Agalychnis litodryas - Pink-sided Treefrog
Agalychnis spurrelli - Spurrell's Leaf Frog
Anotheca spinosa - Coronated Treefrog
Cruziohyla calcarifer - Splendid Leaf Frog
Dendropsophus ebraccatus - Hourglass Treefrog
Dendropsophus microcephalus - Yellow Cricket Treefrog
Dendropsophus phlebodes - San Carlos Treefrog
Dendropsophus subocularis - Rio Tuquesa Treefrog
Duellmanohyla lythrodes - Savage's Brook Frog
Duellmanohyla uranochroa - Costa Rica Brook Frog
Ecnomiohyla fimbrimembra - Heredia Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla miliaria - Cope's Brown Treefrog
Ecnomiohyla thysanota - Cerro Mali Treefrog
Hylomantis lemur - Lemur Frog
Hyloscirtus colymba - La Loma Treefrog
Hyloscirtus palmeri - Palmer's Treefrog
Hypsiboas boans - Rusty Treefrog
Hypsiboas crepitans - Emerald-eyed Treefrog
Hypsiboas pugnax - Chirique-flusse Treefrog
Hypsiboas rosenbergi - Rosenberg's Treefrog
Hypsiboas rufitelus - Canal Zone Treefrog
Isthmohyla angustilineata - Narrow-lined Treefrog
Isthmohyla calypsa - Common Tree Frog
Isthmohyla debilis - Isla Bonita Treefrog
Isthmohyla graceae - Continental Divide Treefrog
Isthmohyla lancasteri - Lancaster's Treefrog
Isthmohyla picadoi - Volcan Barba Treefrog
Isthmohyla pictipes - Pico Blanco Treefrog
Isthmohyla pseudopuma - Gunther's Costa Rican Treefrog
Isthmohyla rivularis - American Cinchona Plantation Treefrog
Isthmohyla tica - Starrett's Treefrog
Isthmohyla zeteki - Zetek's Treefrog
Phyllomedusa venusta - Lovely Leaf Frog
Ptychohyla legleri - Legler's Stream Frog
Scinax altae - Treefrog
Scinax boulengeri - Boulenger's Snouted Treefrog
Scinax elaeochrous - Sipurio Snouted Treefrog
Scinax rostratus - Caracas Snouted Treefrog
Scinax ruber - Allens Snouted Treefrog
Smilisca phaeota - New Granada Cross-banded Treefrog
Smilisca sila - Panama Cross-banded Treefrog
Smilisca sordida - Veragua Cross-banded Frog
Trachycephalus venulosus - Laurenti's Brown Treefrog
Engystomops pustulosus - Mud-puddle Frog
Pleurodema brachyops - Colombia Four-eyed Frog
Leptodactylus bolivianus - Mexican White-lipped Frog
Leptodactylus fragilis - Mexican White-lipped Frog
Leptodactylus fuscus - Lineated Frog
Leptodactylus poecilochilus - Turbo White-lipped Frog
Leptodactylus savagei - Savage's Thin-toed Frog
Chiasmocleis panamensis - Panama Humming Frog
Elachistocleis ovalis - Slate Burrowing Frog
Elachistocleis pearsei - Colombian Plump Frog
Nelsonophryne aterrima - Costa Rica Nelson Frog
Pipa myersi - Myer's Surinam Toad
Bolitoglossa anthracina - Coal Black Salamander
Bolitoglossa biseriata - Two-lined Mushroom-tongued Salamander
Bolitoglossa colonnea - La Loma Salamander
Bolitoglossa compacta - Cerro Pando Salamander
Bolitoglossa copia - El Cope Giant Salamander
Bolitoglossa cuna - Camp Sasardi Salamander
Bolitoglossa lignicolor - Camron Mushroom-tongue Salamander
Bolitoglossa magnifica - Magnificant Web-footed Salamander
Bolitoglossa marmorea - Crater Salamander
Bolitoglossa medemi - Finca Chibigui Salamander
Bolitoglossa minutula - Dwarf Climbing Salamander
Bolitoglossa phalarosoma - Medellin Mushroomtongue Salamander
Bolitoglossa pygmaea - Pygmy Web-footed Salamander
Bolitoglossa robinsoni - Robinson's Web-footed Salamander
Bolitoglossa robusta - Robust Mushroomtongue Salamander
Bolitoglossa schizodactyla - Cocle Mushroomtongue Salamander
Bolitoglossa sooyorum - Cordillera Talamanca Salamander
Bolitoglossa taylori - Cerro Cituro Salamander
Oedipina alfaroi - Limon Worm Salamander
Oedipina alleni - Salamander
Oedipina collaris - Collared Worm Salamander
Oedipina complex - Gamboa Worm Salamander
Oedipina cyclocauda - Costa Rica Worm Salamander
Oedipina gracilis - Long-tailed Worm Salamander
Oedipina grandis - Cerro Pando Worm Salamander
Oedipina maritima - Maritime Worm Salamander
Oedipina parvipes - Colombian Worm Salamander
Oedipina uniformis - Cienega Colorado Worm Salamander
Lithobates vaillanti - Vaillants Frog
Lithobates vibicarius - Rancho Redondo Frog
Lithobates warszewitschii - Rana Warszewitschii
Pristimantis achatinus - Cachabi Robber Frog
Pristimantis altae - Mountain Robber Frog
Pristimantis caryophyllaceus - La Loma Robber Frog
Pristimantis cerasinus - Limon Robber Frog
Pristimantis cruentus - Chiriqui Robber Frog
Pristimantis gaigeae - Fort Randolph Robber Frog
Pristimantis gaigei - Fort Randolph Robber Frog
Pristimantis moro - La Hondura Robber Frog
Pristimantis pardalis - Leopard Robber Frog
Pristimantis ridens - Pygmy Robber Frog
Pristimantis taeniatus - Banded Robber Frog
Strabomantis bufoniformis - Rusty Robber Frog